Are Parents/Guardians allowed to supervise?

Wrestling Club

  • Club Practice: Limited to 1 unless otherwise discussed.
  • Private Lessons: Limited to 1 unless otherwise discussed.

Strength Program

  • Club Practice: No spectating.
  • Private Lessons: No spectating.


How often are you cleaning the mats?

We are cleaning all wrestling areas in between practices and each morning & night. 

What is the capacity of the mats?

CAPACITY: 20 wrestlers per mat

Minimum dress code requirements:

crew-neck t-shirts, shorts, and/or singlets. 

Do you have gear we can purchase?

Yes, we have gear at our location.  Only available for order online twice per year - November and April.

How do we sign up for the club?

Sign up for the club online.

What do we need for practice?

We encourage all of our wrestlers to bring wrestling shoes, headgear, mouth piece.

Do you accept drop ins for club?

Yes, the drop in fee is $20 per training session (only if capacity has not been reached for the session).

Does the club run year round?

Yes, we will run training throughout the year.

Do you offer privates?

Yes, we are offering privates. Please reach out to us at contact@pursuitwrestling.com for more information.

What is required for someone to wrestle at Pursuit?

We require each wrestler to fill out a waiver and follow all federal, state, and local guidelines.

Do you have showers on site?

Only for Pursuit RTC Gym Members