You Must Be an Active Member to Book Private Lessons.

Once you have enrolled as a gym member or wrestling club member, you may use the booking calendar below to reserve a lesson with an instructor of your choice.

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STAFFED Instructors (background + current weight):

  • Brakan Mead: Wrestled for Ohio State University - 140lbs
  • Lee Wilson: Wrestled for Notre Dame College - 160lbs
  • Sam Shalvey: Wrestled for Otterbein University - 180lbs
  • Craig Thomas: Wrestled for Ohio State University - 200lbs
  • Andrew Higgins: Wrestled for Southern Illinois University - 210lbs
  • Patrik Garren: Wrestled for University of Pennsylvania - 220lbs


  • 50 minute sessions.
  • All payments are charged to your card on file. No cash



  • STAFFED Instructors:
    1. $80 per lesson ($20 booking deposit + $60 due at lesson)
    2. Max 2 clients
      1. more than two clients must be approved. $25 additional is due per extra client.
    3. Fees are split between clients: (2 clients = $40 each)


  • When you book a lesson, the time slot becomes unavailable to others and as a result will often not get re-filled when a cancellation occurs.  Your instructor cannot be subject to losses when this occurs.

  •  If your cancelled session is not rebooked by another client you will still be charged for the lesson.