Practice Curriculum | Grade School Experienced

Experienced Wrestlers | Ages 6 - 11

Our Experienced Programing is ran with seasonality in mind. The programming adjusts to the pertinent style of wrestling currently underway.

It is expected that your wrestler is proficient at all the basic skills and mentality aspects of our 13 week beginner program to be in this group. 

    Experienced Wrestling Technique & Live

    • Designed for Experienced wrestlers, this practice will further develop and expand your child’s discipline, confidence, strength, balance, wrestling & life skills.  Expectations are high and the climate is INTENSE.  This is where champions will be made!   We will not slow the group down for a wrestlers lacking basic skills.

    Advanced Technique / Open Room

    • Advanced Technique: Coaches cover advanced & high-level techniques, positions, and sequences.  It is assumed wrestlers are proficient at basic fundamental wrestling skills & positions.  We will not slow the group down for a wrestlers lacking basic skills.
    • Open Room:  Wrestlers are free to use the room on their own.  Coaches are present, but wrestlers/groups work on things based on individual needs.  It is important for wrestlers to develop the ability to self-monitor & self assess.  Come with a plan!

    Strength & Balance Circuit

    • Practices focus on developing and improving our wrestlers' strength, fundamental positioning, and fundamental movement by using wrestling-specific lifts, drills, and exercises.  These are structured group sessions and will greatly benefit new and beginner wrestlers while also providing baseline training for experienced wrestlers.