Spectators & Parent Supervision

The Basics

  • Each club program membership grants 1 spectator.  We ask that you limit additional spectators if possible.  Talk with staff if you require special accommodation beyond 1 spectator.
  • All spectators must remain in viewing area and not roam onto mats or in the private gym area. Do not move our chairs/seating.
  • Pickup after yourself and your children.  It is expected that if you or your child leaves any sort of mess (crumbs, wrappers, dirt from shoes, etc) it will be picked up.

Communicating During Practice

  • Spectators/parents are not to shout, yell, or talk to wrestlers while practices are running.  During water breaks in a practice is a good time to speak to your wrestler.
  • When coaches are instructing, conversations and noise needs to stop.  If a child is crying or making noise please sit with them in your car.  Side conversations during practice should not be loud enough to distract anyone.   Please keep conversations appropriate.

Communicating During Practice

  • Parents and guardians, you may leave your child at practice after you have signed them in and gotten them onto the mats and ready for practice - or you may stay onsite.  You may not drop them off prior to 15 minutes of the practice start time and you are responsible to be back by the end of the scheduled practice time.  If you need to be contacted for any reason, the info provided on the waiver and/or provided emergency contact will be used.