◆ Grade School Beginner Wrestling Club
◆ Grade School Beginner Wrestling Club

◆ Grade School Beginner Wrestling Club

Want to join but have no prior experience?

We have an onboarding process...

Feel free to contact us and schedule to come in and watch a practice prior to enrolling.

  • No Experience Wrestlers must commit & enroll with a monthly membership. Memberships are month to month and can be canceled anytime.
  • For your first week, you will only be able to attend the following practices:
    • Strength & Balance Circuit
    • Onboarding / Warm-up Review
    • (See our practice schedule for days and times)
  • You must also book 2 private lessons with coach SAM SHALVEY to learn the basics.
    • After you have committed and enrolled online with a membership, you may book lessons through our website (“private lesson” tab).
    • In your first private lesson you will learn the match rules and the neutral (standing) position.
    • Your second private lesson you will learn our calisthenic warm-up and the top and bottom positions.
    • After completing these lessons, you may also participate in the "Wrestling Technique & Live" practices.
  • This onboarding process is for the benefit of your wrestler and the others already in our program.  You will be doing a great disservice to your wrestler and the other wrestlers in our club if you try to skip our onboarding process

Billed monthly on date of sign up.

No contracts. Cancel anytime on website.
*** Members receive coaching at scheduled tournaments ***


  • 1 Practice/Week  $95 / month
    • Attend any 1 scheduled wrestling practice each week.
    • ~$23/practice (save 25% vs drop-in)
    • 2 Practices/Week -   $159 / month
      • Attend any 2 scheduled wrestling practices each week.
      • ~$18/practices (save 40% vs drop-in)
      • Unlimited Practices/Week -    $189 / month
        • Attend unlimited scheduled wrestling practices each week.
        • ~$12/practice (save 65% vs drop-in)

      *** Each member is billed a $25 quarterly fee once every 3 months.  It is for costs associated with services related to enrollment, travel/competition coaching and replenishment of general & first aid supplies. ***

      DROP INS -  $30 / practice
            • Sign in at front desk on tablet before entering the wrestling room.
            • Must complete waiver during sign-in before entering.
            • Only permitted if practices are not at capacity.
            • Join as a member to guarantee a spot in practices.
            • All welcome  April - December.
            • Must be pre-approved  January - March.

              Practice Times & Days Off | Grade School Beginner

              Practice times and days stay the same.

              Intensity & area-of-focus adjust seasonally according to our competition schedule.


              • 5:45pm - 6:45pm | Strength & Balance Circuit
              • 7:00pm - 8:00pm | Onboarding / Warm-up Review


              • 5:45pm - 6:45pm | Beginner Wrestling Technique & Live
              • 7:00pm - 8:20pm | Not Available To Beginners


              • 5:45pm - 6:45pm | Strength & Balance Circuit
              • 7:00pm - 8:20pm | Not Available To Beginners


              • 5:45pm - 6:45pm | Beginner Wrestling Technique & Live
              • 7:00pm - 8:20pm | Not Available To Beginners

              Friday | Saturday | Sunday

              • Reserved for private lessons, camps, events, & competitions.

              DAYS OFF

              • New Years Day
              • Memorial Day
              • Independence Day
              • Labor Day
              • Thanksgiving Day
              • Christmas Day

              Beginner Wrestlers | Ages 6 - 11

              Our Beginner Program is on a quarterly loop (13 weeks).  The rules and fundamentals from each position (neutral, top, bottom) will be covered in every 13 week cycle. 

              Once your wrestler is proficient at all the skills and mentality aspects of our 13 week beginner program, the may move up to the "Experienced" group and practices.

                Beginner Wrestling Technique & Live

                • Designed for beginner grade schoolers, this practice will develop your child’s discipline, confidence, strength, balance, and understanding of wrestling fundamentals. Your child will learn to become proficient at the rules, skills, drills, and mentality components in our curriculum and be introduced to live wrestling.

                Onboarding / Warm-up Review

                • A coach will review our warm-up & calisthenics routine along with cover basic wrestling fundamentals during this session.  It is important to attend this practice while your wrestler is still learning the basics.

                Strength & Balance Circuit

                • Practices focus on developing and improving our wrestlers' strength, fundamental positioning, and fundamental movement by using wrestling-specific lifts, drills, and exercises.  These are structured group sessions and will greatly benefit new and beginner wrestlers.

                  Coaching at Tournaments/Competitions

                  • We aim to attend and coach at 1 tournament each month.  During the regular-season and postseason it is often multiple tournaments each month.
                    • ^ This is an exception and not the rule in the sport and club scene.  Many clubs only coach at a few, if any, tournaments the entire year. We take pride in our athletes and strive to be there for them during competitions.
                  • Understand there will be a winner and a loser in every match. Our staff will always do our best to represent you and Pursuit with respect. We ask the same from all wrestlers and parents associated with our club.
                  • Please remember that competitions require significant cost, resources, and time for our staff to attend and coach. Consideration of these facts are appreciated!

                  The Basics

                  • Each club program membership grants 1 spectator.  We ask that you limit additional spectators if possible.  Talk with staff if you require special accommodation beyond 1 spectator.
                  • All spectators must remain in viewing area and not roam onto mats or in the private gym area. Do not move our chairs/seating.
                  • Pickup after yourself and your children.  It is expected that if you or your child leaves any sort of mess (crumbs, wrappers, dirt from shoes, etc) it will be picked up.

                  Communicating During Practice

                  • Spectators/parents are not to shout, yell, or talk to wrestlers while practices are running.  During water breaks in a practice is a good time to speak to your wrestler.
                  • When coaches are instructing, conversations and noise needs to stop.  If a child is crying or making noise please sit with them in your car.  Side conversations during practice should not be loud enough to distract anyone.   Please keep conversations appropriate.

                  Communicating During Practice

                  • Parents and guardians, you may leave your child at practice after you have signed them in and gotten them onto the mats and ready for practice - or you may stay onsite.  You may not drop them off prior to 15 minutes of the practice start time and you are responsible to be back by the end of the scheduled practice time.  If you need to be contacted for any reason, the info provided on the waiver and/or provided emergency contact will be used.

                      Dress Code

                      • Members / Participants must cover all gender-sensitive areas of the body at all times.
                      • Practice attire should include athletic shorts, sweats, t-shirt, and/or a singlet. Use of headgear and mouthpieces are optional.

                      Hygiene / Skin Infections

                      • Members / Parents are responsible to do a self check of themselves/their wrestler before each practice.  This means scanning all skin and hair for fungal or bacterial infection.
                      • If a wrestler / parent sees any questionable legions, our staff must be notified and our staff must approve before the member can attend practices or use Pursuit facilities.
                      • You must notify Pursuit staff if being treated for any skin infections. You must provide a note from a doctor before returning after having a skin infection. 
                      • Pursuit staff still hold the final decision regarding participation post skin infection incident.
                      • Shower immediately after competitions and practices.  Use of disinfectant wipes is recommended immediately after practices or competitions before a shower can be taken.
                      • If you hide or withhold knowledge of a skin infection from Pursuit and still allow your wrestler to practice and/or use our facilities:  your membership status will be reviewed and potentially revoked.