No-Experience Wrestlers

Want to join but have no prior experience?

We have an onboarding process...

Feel free to contact us and schedule to come in and watch a practice prior to enrolling.

  • No Experience Wrestlers must commit & enroll with a monthly membership. Memberships are month to month and can be canceled anytime.
  • For your first week, you will only be able to attend the following practices:
    • Strength & Balance Circuit
    • Onboarding / Warm-up Review
    • (See our practice schedule for days and times)
  • You must also book 2 private lessons with coach SAM SHALVEY to learn the basics.
    • After you have committed and enrolled online with a membership, you may book lessons through our website (“private lesson” tab).
    • In your first private lesson you will learn the match rules and the neutral (standing) position.
    • Your second private lesson you will learn our calisthenic warm-up and the top and bottom positions.
    • After completing these lessons, you may also participate in the "Wrestling Technique & Live" practices.
  • This onboarding process is for the benefit of your wrestler and the others already in our program.  You will be doing a great disservice to your wrestler and the other wrestlers in our club if you try to skip our onboarding process